Thursday, 29 May 2014


Kieran Barnett is relevantly new to the world of brickfilmering, and his first films shows that his name will be known by many others very soon. His first film, Creative love impressed me with its depth for a min long short. After watching it, I've been waiting for when his new video shows. Now, it has.

His new film, ANZAC is about a soldier in battle during a beach landing. I thought it would be a thoughtless war action film, but it shows what is going though a soldier's head, and the sacrifice that they make for us. The voice acting quality was fine, but the sound effects drowned it out at times. The animation was great, but the one shot camera technique wasn't done right. The camera were blurry at times.

As well, I was disappointed by the fight scene. There was no muzzle flash. The soldiers were just moving their guns up and down. And when they were "shooting", they looked like they were humping the air. They kept doing it, so they must have enjoy it. Overall, it's a decent short. It's in a contest now, so I recommend it for you guys to vote for it. Vote here!



  1. A decent review, but I may suggest fixing some of the spelling and grammatical errors next time. Looking forward to more of them!