Saturday, 14 June 2014

Union City Episode 3

Antonio Ferrara has a talent for taking a fairly basic concept, and making it great with his amazing writing skills, and the Union City series is no exception. Though, You may have to watch the other episodes to understand what is going on, you may get the basic idea.

This is Antonio's best animation to date. They are no camera bumps, the screen does not get blurry, and the special effects are decent. Despite the numerous improvements, there are still a few problems. The voice actor that plays Blake had a static voice recorder, and it hurt the ears a little. The camera shots are pretty basic and boring. In the beginning fight scene, it didn't really have anything to do with the main action. It seemed to be just there. The shoot out was slow, and unrealistic. The blood looked nice, though.

There is a lack of set decoration, which takes away from the film. The series can be 10x better than it already is. I wish Antonio the best, and recommend him to go to the Resources page on bricksinmotion.


View the video here. I couldn't post the video directly for some reason, unlike the rest.

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