Friday, 23 May 2014

Perpetual Twilight

At first, I thought it was a twilight fan film.

Thankfully, it's not. Perpetual Twilight is about the struggle between elves and vampires for a power source. It was made for a contest on bricksinmotion on contrast. The award was well deserved. I won't say too much on the plot as I plan not to reveal any spoilers in my reviews, but I can say it was well written and detailed. No stone was left un-turned. The music fit in well, so kudos to the composer. The cinematography in the film was amazing. It really brought in more life in the sets, which were very well designed.

Of course, the film had some problems. The film had these, like tracking shots, similar to the ones in Gravity, but it was not effective. It was cool, but in a few shots, it would zoom in on a wall, then return back to the action. This technique was only effective for the fight scene at the end, which was awesome. There were minor set bumps and light flickers, but it would be hard to notice.

The music somethings overlapped the voice actor's lines. I had a little trouble hearing what they were saying. Speaking of the actors, the female asked the council a question:"All the favor?", then a microsecond later, she says "It's decided". The line felt rushed. But despite the flaws, this is a great watch. You will keep your eyes on the screen from beginning to end.


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