Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Henri & Edmond - Copyright

Yeah, I'm reviewing brickfilms now, in an effort to post more on this blog, and generate more interest in it.

Henri & Edmond - Copyright has been praised as one of the greatest brickfilms ever made, and with a sequel coming out later, I decided to watch the film for the first time. It was so worth 30 mins of my time. After downloading a mp3 file of a song, Henri is tracked down by a copyright protection agency. His best friend Edmond, the fireman is the only one who can help him. The description seemed to be simple, and I felt that I would been bored, but that wasn't the case.

The screenplay was surprisingly very well written. The film's animation was amazing, combined with excellent lighting and very detailed sets. The voice actors were great, sounding very professional, and combined with the English subtitles, and minifig movements, it made the brickfilm 10x funnier. A brickfilm being funny is rare, as most are 1 minute shorts with a stupid fart joke, or something. The way the characters broke the fourth wall was a great way for the viewer to feel that they knew the characters, making them want our heroes to succeed in their quest. I like Herni and Edmond's relationship in the film. They are a great comedic duo together. The soundtrack was great, with the original song a nice little thing to listen to. There is not much to say that hasn't already been said, but it is clear that Maxime Marion put a lot of effort into this film, and I congratulate him . The success he is getting for this film is well deserved, and I are personally excited for the sequel.


Here's the film:

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