Thursday, 22 May 2014

Literal Man (Go-film)

Literal Man is a nice little short about a superhero who has to beat a villain, and he literally does everything people tell him to. Just tell him what the do straight. No hidden messages or anything. No, but honestly, I like this. The animation was incredible from the beginning, and the sound quality was great. I only wish it was longer. But now, the negatives. Blue: the background in every scene was an unnatural blue, which I found annoying. The sets were okay, but I feel much more detail could have been added. It didn't look like much of a construction site.

There was a minor set bump during the drive thru scene, but It's hard to notice.  To be honest this idea has kind of been done before. The "It's a bird, it's a plane..." line is used so much, I hate superman now. As well, the basic story is that there is an absent minded hero that annoys the good guys. There are many brickfilms that have a similar story. The only thing that sets this film apart is the animation quality. END films, you can make so much better animations than this, and once you do, I'll watch it in a heartbeat.


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