Friday, 23 May 2014

Gray Latitude - Part One

With those unfamiliar, Gary Latitude is a brickfilm announced a few years ago to be made by Nick Durron. The trailer was quite interesting, a sci-fi mystery. It was recently canceled, yet Nick decided to complete it, and release it to us.

I am a fan of Nick's work. All of his brickfilms have such amazing and intriguing stories, at the skill level to rival a certain writer named George Orwell. But sometimes, even the best has weaknesses. Nick has only released part one of four, which is great because if it was only part one, I would give him 1.5 stars out of 5!

Let me explain. In the story, Peter Gray has to face menacing forces in the late 19th century in New York city. I didn't like the setting. How come terrible events always happen in New York? Marvel destroyed that city countless times. The tone of direction shows that this film would be dark, with the amazing unsettling music, but at the end, the main character mocks death, funerals, and rain. The joke was unnecessary and threw me off. At the beginning, there was a murder. Fine, if it was a cop investigation. Since the film is about someone who knew him, a scene should have portrayed them interacting.

The talking scenes were long, and boring.  The mouth movements were great, yet he could have used facial expressions. A happy face at a funeral? The kidnapping scene seemed rushed. I felt it could have been better executed. To be honest, I watched the film four times half way. It was hard to stay interested. The quality is less than your previous work, but since you made it a few years ago, I won't hold that against you. I just hope part 2 is better.

But this is still an interesting watch. Great acting, music, direction, animation, and special effects. I'd only recommend it once I've seen the whole time.


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