Monday, 22 June 2020

Stargirl - The Justice Society

The new Justice Society assembles. Things are heating up. I'm not sure how many episodes are in this first season, but I'm assuming 13. It's good the team has been established now rather than later. I want the show to explore how they work together so they saving the day feels earned. Anyway, let me back it up a bit.

Set immediately after the last episode, Courtney sneaks back into her room, only to find Pat waiting there. The Cosmic Staff continues to be a fun personality, as it hides under the bed to avoid him. Pat has had it up to here with Courtney, furious that she kept secrets from him and stole several items, including Green Lantern's lantern, which was a fun easter egg, given that we will probably never see him on this show. He figures out which kids Courtney gave the other items to, and tells her to bring it back, or risk getting them killed. He cites Joey back in episode 3, which surprised me because like the show's earlier episodes, I forgot about him.

Courtney tries to find the words, but it doesn't go well. Beth, Yolanda, and Rick obviously refuse to give up their cool new toys. The items mean something to them. Rick has a connection with his dad, Yolanda sees this as a way to reinvent herself, and Beth found someone that listens to her. The AI in her goggles is better than her parents. Suddenly, Beth's highly intuitive glasses read that The Gambler, as you recall is Barbara's boss is hacking satellite codes for the equipment stolen last week. Seeing as The Gambler doesn't have any powers, they decide to capture him and ask questions about The Injustice Society.

Meanwhile, Artemis Crock, the most talented athlete in blue valley high has two highly competitive parents, Lawrence and Paula who are secretly ISA members, Sportsmaster and Tigress. After a black comedy moment where they kill their daughter's coach, they provide The Gambler backup. The new team of heroes bumps into them, and Rick, ever so angry charges them, ignoring Courtney's plan. Sportsmaster and Tigress are a fun duo to watch. I first saw the characters on the show Young Justice. The live-action incarnations of them are fun, and they work together well in battle. The suits are a little cartoony tho.

The learning curve continues. It is clear that Rick, Yolanda, and Courtney have fighting abilities, but no training. Rick is a bull but has a bad aim. Yolanda is a boxer but has a problem with blocking. Beth has no fighting talents whatsoever, clearly terrified of the two villains. Courtney stood her ground a bit better but still needs experience.

The battle scenes were glorious. The last few episodes were light on the action. The budget saved from them clearly went into this episode. The visuals with Sportsmaster's abilities were fun to see, and Courtney working with the staff was great CGI. There was quick a bit of wirework, and it was used effectively. I've mostly seen it used cartoonishly in the early 2000s films, but I was impressed here. The battle ends with the hero shot we got back in the Arrowverse's Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover, when Pat arrives in his very missed STRIPE armor, causing our gym rat villains to flee.

Courtney gets a heavy dose of irony. She complains to Pat that her team refused to listen, and are going to get themselves killed, and realizes that Pat has been saying the same thing to her. Pat, ever cool, reluctantly agrees to let them keep their gear and to have them train together.

This episode even gave Mike a little to work with. He and Barbara have a nice bonding moment at the school science fair that made him feel more like a person. This episode, I really notice the music that Pinar Toprak contributed. The heroic theme when the team was assembled was great. All in all, this was a great episode that hopefully, indicates a great second half of the season.

Stargirl puts the team together, which pumps up new life and energy in the series with fun chemistry and well put together action sequences.

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  1. Just an FYI... just as Aniya Bowin (the Fiddler/Virtuoso) is the High School Principal, Paula Brooks (Tigress) is a Gym Teacher