Monday, 15 June 2020

Stargirl - Hourman and Dr. Midnite

Note: The titles of these episodes aren't the most original. Like DC Universe show, Titans, the titles are just the names for whatever character is getting the spotlight that episode. I'm not saying that it is necessarily bad, just not very creative.

After seeing Courtney in costume calling to Yolanda by name in the last episode, Beth spies on the two girls, and ends up snooping in Courtney's room, discovering Dr.Midnite's glasses, with an AI inside of them. Courtney discovers her and tries to get her out, but as we have seen in the previous episode, one thing Beth can do well is talk, and she talks her way into Courtney's team. Also, she is smart, and every team needs a really smart person.

Anjelika Washington has been great as Beth in a supporting capacity the past few weeks, but she is capable of being a lead character. In most stories, you see the parents yearning for the past when their kids were little. Not this time. Beth yearns for that simple time so she can spend more time with her parents, but her parents do not want that. They want their daughter to have friends her age and live a life beyond them. It is completely understandable.

Beth isn't the only one in the spotlight. As you may have guessed from the title, Rick Tyler, the school delinquent is also in focus, as he is the next Hourman. His father was the first Hourman, so he is a legacy like Courtney. At least that is what Courtney believes. It is a little obvious that Starman was not her father. If they are so insistent on this plot point, they could have made it more believable. Anyway, Hourman is played by Lou Ferringo Jr, son of the actor who played the hulk, which is cool.

In the opening scene, which is by now guaranteed to be a flashback, we see Rick's parents Rex and Wendy leave him in the care of his uncle so they can flee to an unknown location. Unfortunately, they never make it there. They are killed by Solomon Grundy. Years later, Rick is an angry kid, which comes from losing his parents and living with an uncle that doesn't love him. His uncle is the polar opposite of Pat.

Rick has anger issues and is a loose cannon, but he isn't a villain. When he is given the hourglass from Courtney, he gains super strength. He goes to where his uncle is, but rather than beat him up, he destroys his truck. When Rick realizes that his parents were murdered rather than in an accident, he agrees to join Courtney's team but makes it clear that he is only interested in one thing: Revenge. It's a welcome change from the optimism of the other heroes.

This episode has some of the same issues as last week. For a show titled Stargirl, it shouldn't have such a massive ensemble. Stargirl and the JSA would be better with what they are trying to do. The development of these characters is stuffed in one episode. It should have unfolded a little slower, maybe given tiny teases in the previous episodes so it doesn't feel as rushed. In that spirit though, they are doing it with Henry. Henry is given a little moment in this episode that has been teased since episode 2. His little Brainwave Jr powers are starting to kick in. He leaves the Halloween party early because it is too nosy for him, and he manages to hear Yolanda call him a jerk. Will he become a villain? Exciting stuff.

I love that the new team of heroes are all distinctively different, and they are their own people. The dynamics between them should be interesting, and the next episodes are more focused. Reintroduce Pat into the main story. The MVP of the show should not be sidelined anymore. I guess he won't be since, at the end of the episode, he discovers the JSA items that Courtney stole.

Though it rushes to get there, Hourman and Dr.Midnite tease new heroes with interesting dynamics.


  1. "In the opening scene, which by now is guaranteed to be a flashback..." It literally opens with a title card saying nine years ago...

    1. Yeah. I just noticed that from the pilot to now, each episode has started with a flashback, and it is likely every episode this season will do the same.