Monday, 26 October 2015

Supergirl (Pilot)

It is the age of superheroes on tv, the the Flash, Arrow, Gotham, and soon legends of tomorrow filling up the screens. One time they have in common: Male leads, and Supergirl is set to change that, a fact which I personally do not care about. Whoever is in the lead, male or female, must do some fine good acting to portray the characters I love and have good quality throughout, and luckily, Supergirl manages to do it: For the most part.

Which Glee cast member will don tights next? After Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist is the second member of the Glee cast to play a superhero. As Marley Rose, I saw a sensitive gentle person, not a kick-ass superhero, but she gets the job done in a convincing way. The gentle side to Kara and her search for identity and desire to help people makes you root for her to win, so top grades to Melissa.

Despite the acting and visual effects in the episode, the pilot has nothing special about it. It is a pretty typical origin story that we have seen before. Not to say it's boring, just nothing special. As well, characters focus way too much on the fact that Supergirl is a girl, as if it is significant in a way. She is a person. Doesn't matter what her gender is.

In short, I hope this show does something different from what we have seen before on only shows. Only time will tell.


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