Thursday, 11 December 2014

Selfie (Imperfect Harmony)

Many of my readers will be shocked to see this. I mostly review only superhero stuff, but I have a soft spot of romantic comedies if they are done right, and selfie is done right. The pilot threw me off, but it got better over time. I am disappointed in abc for cancelling it. I hope another network picks it up and saves it.

In the last episode, Eliza realizes that she has feeling for Henry, and wants to be with him, breaking things off with her boyfriend Freddie, making him a hot mess, as he claims he can't live without her. Henry is conflicted, as he is with Julia, but knows he feels something for Eliza. The scene where he compared the two to the shows “Uptown girl” and “hollaback girl” was great comedic writing.

Of course, things get heated up as Henry believes Eliza doesn't really love him. He thinks because she was getting too serious with Freddie, she was scared, and just wants to win, which isn't a bad judgement, but Eliza truly feels this way. She loses it, claiming that Henry loves her, and is too chicken to admit it, or the fact that he doesn't really like his girlfriend. As she storms away from Henry, Julia heard the whole thing.

Eliza's rendition of Sia's “Chandelier” was great, but the scene itself was better. This woman just had her heart broken by the one guy that isn't superficial. You can clearly see that her attempts to make the pain go away make her who she was to begin with. Her drunk montage with a shaky camera was a good directing choice, as you see her party away, and then spends the night with Freddie.

Julia give Henry a chance, but when he failed to take it, she ends it. Henry sings a song while the credits play. I don”t know the title, but he kills it, with it really expressing how he feels. How Henry and Eliza interact in the next episode, if they do at all, will be interesting. This episode proved that change is really hard, and comes at a price. Karen Gillian and John Cho are knockouts in this episode. Not really shocked they can sing well too.

I recommend this show. The show may still have a chance for a second season though. Here's the petition.


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