Saturday, 23 February 2019

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018)

I know in my update I said I wouldn't be giving out perfect scores to all the films I review, but this film deserves it. The best way to start this blog back up is to review a film based on my favourite comic book character, Spider-Man. The film is the first spidey flick that doesn't focus on Peter Parker. Instead, it focus on Miles Morales, the first black Spider-Man in the comics. (Recommended read) Miles is a normal kid from brooklyn struggling to fit in school, connect with his dad, and talk to a pretty girl. One night, he finds himself bitten by a spider, and granted abilites. Sound familar? The thing is, Peter Parker exists in his world, and he is already Spider-Man. When Peter is killed, Miles must rise to the occasion and protect the city from the Kingpin and his accomplices.

This is a dumbed down description because it is essential to see this movie for yourself. The film is much more complex and unique. For one, Miles and Peter aren't the only spider people in the film. There is another Peter Parker, a Gwen Stacy, A 1940s Peter, a Japenese school girl/robot, and a cartoon pig teaming up. This film is packed, and it easily could have sucked, but it balances all the heroes and the villains(There are a ton of villains. Shame on you The Amazing Spider-Man 2. You couldn't even handle 3) perfectly. Props go to Phil Lord for writing this script. For one, the filmmakers keep the focus of Miles. There is no doubt that this is Miles' story, even if each hero gets a cool moment to shine, either with an action scene or funny exchange of dialogue. Also, it is a refresing take on an origin story. The way Mile' special abilties work connect with his emotional journey that he goes on in the film, and by the end, each moment is earned. The relationships are fun to see, and has you praying that the film is as long as a Zack Sydner comic book film. Good thing its not tho. It is well paced.

The animation is breaktaking to way. It truly felt like a comic book came to life. It is a perfect blend of several types with each hero having their own distinct style. Behind the scenes, there were several 2D and 3D animators, and 3 directors alone for it. This film is clearly a collaboration between multiple visions. No way one person could do this. The vocal performances had to be great, and they are. The standouts to me are Shameik Moore, who had to carry this film with his character's emotional and casual beats, and John Mulaney as Spider-Ham, who deserves a tv spin off. This weird character is an abosulte joy to watch on screen. His looney tunes type voice is just perfect. Stan Lee's cameo is perfect. Made he rest in peace.

The music was a standout to me as well.(Biggie Smalls made it in a superhero film!) Hip-hop generally isn't used much for comic book movies. Even Black Panther(2018) was resistant to use songs from its hip hop centric album, but this film is proud to use the songs, as it should be. The songs were made with the notion that a kid like Miles would listen to them. The standout is of course, "What's Up Danger". The scene which it is used for is just so perfect, it'll probably be known as Miles theme, the same way "Vindicated" is used for Peter.

Finally, this film is obviously the start of a franchise, but it isn't made that way. It is for sure a standalone feature with its own story not worrying about setting up sequels, but it is the first film I've seen in a while that makes me go "I want to see more". Even the post-credits sequence doesn't tease a sequel, at least not per-se.

In Short: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is one of the greatest comic book/ animated movies ever made, and its influence will last for generations. 10/10 (Yup, I do out of 10 now)

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