Thursday 9 October 2014

Agents of Shield Season 2(Making Friends and Influencing People)

The dark turn agents of shield took after the events of the winter soldier has made the show better, and helped it find its footing. Coulson isn't the same, having to make tough choices for the better of the team. And now, he is keeping secrets from the team, something that he hated from the previous season, having not told anyone that Simmons was a double agent until they were in the field, and not telling Fitz that's why Simmons left.

Speaking of Fitz, he met the man who Skye get her information from: Ward. His former friend that is responsible for his brain damage. Fitz's revenge was coming, but is short lived as Ward has much more useful information. Ward as the bad guy has made the character better in a lot of ways. He became my favourite since his story is heartbreaking, proving not everyone is born evil. I want to see him try and redeem himself. Ward in a cage for a whole season will get boring quick. I doubt he has that much information about Hydra.

I'm not a fan of this new Skye though. She kills for the first time, and has almost no remorse. Ward has not hurt her that much that it is easy to kill people like that. I also hate the fact Triplett is being ignored. We still don't know that much about the character, and he sees interesting enough to have a sole episode or something. I'm not a fan of the whole mind control thing either. Even for Bucky Barnes, I wasn't really sold on the idea, even though that's what happened in the comics. But they could have done something different of the Ice cube character(I forgot his name). The villain isn't interesting, and seems like a real creep. I still don't know what his motivations are, and his power hasn't really been established.

Simmons on the inside is going to be interesting. She is not a field agent, and she is taking an awful risk doing this. I'm is curious what's up with Fitz now that he know Simmons is really gone, and the man who ruined his life is living with him. I want more work with the villain, not an agent carter flashback to explain stuff. (Excited for her show though)


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