Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Final Destination 3 (2006)

Warning: This film is rated R.

My first film review is on a movie that is future horror movie classic, and is in my opinion, the best in the final destination series.If you are looking to watch a film with frights, suspense, blood and gore, and good acting, this is the first for you, as well as the other films in the series.

The film is about high school student, Wendy Christensen (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead), who goes on a school field trip to an amusement park, and explores the park with boyfriend Jason(Jesse Moss), and friends Carrie(Gina Holden), and Kevin(Ryan Merriman). The group decides to go on the Devils Flight Roller Coaster, but Wendy has a vision that everyone on the ride will die due to the roller coaster failing and falling apart. When her vision begins to come true, she panics and gets off the ride, as well as Kevin, and classmates, Ashley, Ashlyn, Lewis, Ian, Erin, and Frankie. Moments later, the roller coaster sets off, and crashes, and kills everyone on board, including Jason and Carrie, upsetting Wendy. Later on in the film, Wendy learns about Flight 180(from the first film), and about the kid who had a vision like her about the plane he was on exploding, and it came true. At first, she does not believe it, but when some students that survive the roller coaster die, she and his friend Kevin discover that they, along with the other survivors, cheated death, and death is coming to get them.

This is the best film in the series because it does not really depend on the stories from the previous two, for it to be good. Unlike looking for clues, like the characters in the previous films did, they have photos to guess how they will die. I don't want to give out to much of the plot, but this film keeps you guessing. Watch it.


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